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Correctix is an internationally renowned name in the field of translation and proofreading. You can rely on our editing and proofreading services to clean up all kinds of documents, ensuring they are readable and error-free.

Correctix offers services in editing, proofreading and translating documents.
In the age of the internet, social media, instant messaging and texting, the positive impression of grammatically correct writing cannot be understated. The ideas you present in your manuscripts may be invalidated by translation, grammatical, spelling and syntax errors. We can help you avoid this! At Correctix, spelling, syntax, and grammar are our priorities.

In addition, Correctix provides translation services in multiple languages with a focus on maintaining the authenticity of the document. We also offer the services of sworn translators for your official documents.

We are committed to ensuring that every manuscript is error-free and translated to preserve the integrity of the author’s exact thoughts. In addition to providing translation services, we are also careful to add finesse to all your manuscripts.
We also offer interpreting and website design services.

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